Abba Kayri: Nigerian Ministers tussle for Chief of Staff replacement!!

Federal Executive Council members are already tussling for the post of Chief of Staff to the president Mohamed Buhari, previously occupied by the Late Abba Kyari.

Late Abba Kyari
Some ministers who already have one or more posts in the federal Government of Nigeria have been reported to be reaching out to the President Buhari, as to why there are the perfect replacement to Abba Kyari. A case of selfishness.

APC' The political party in charge denied any alleged involvements linking them in influencing the choice of Abba Kyari's Replacement.

Amidst all boiling preparation and strategies the president have instructed that he will have nothing to do with the appointment of Chief of Staff since he is still mourning the death of Late Abba kyari.

As seen in the previous appointment of ministerial functions which goes to a Northerner, A source revealed that the slot would still be give to a northerner.

National Publicity Secretary of the party, Mallam Lanre Issa-Onilu sent out a warning via an interview in Abuja, in his words:
“The office of a Chief of Staff is not a statutory position. That position is that of a personal aide to the President.

“The office, the power and authority as well as the duties and responsibilities of the person that occupies the position are determined solely by the President.

“The party is not involved and will not be involved in the appointment. We understand perfectly that the appointment of Chief of Staff is at the discretion of the President. It is the President who knows what he wants from the person he wants to appoint, so it does not concern anybody or the party.

“The President has an idea of what he wants from his Chief of Staff and he understands the kind of person that can deliver to him. The office of Chief of Staff is not a constitutional matter. He (President) may not even have the office, he may decide to scrap the office completely and he will not be breaking any law of the land.”

Issa-Onilu was not happy with the tension generated since the Abba Kyari died, sending out a serious warning, “People are just making a mountain out of a mole hill. Why should anybody or the party influence who to choose?

But when queried if the president would be confused, the APC Chieftain said Mohamed Buhari could not be confused by the “unwarranted pressure”.

“If we underrate the capacity of Mr. President, we may think he is distracted, but, we as a party understand that the President cannot be distracted. He is a man of his own mind. He knows what he wants and has the capacity to do what he wants to do. He is a man whose decisions are guided by the interest of the nation.”

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