Abba Kyari Death, A moment of mixed feelings!

What flies around the demise of the late Chief of Staff to the president of Nigeria is a smell of Good fortune and a sign of Good things to come, while on the other hand, it floats around a sign of misfortune to whoever that is tied to the hidden but powerful umbrella of Abba Kyari.

Abba Kyari was before his demise a man of not too many words, many understood him not just to be Chief of Staff to president Mohamed Buhari but most importantly as the chief of mind control, successfully influencing the decisions of the president in a way that has plunged the country Nigeria into severe hardship, hence the reason most Nigerians were happy for his death.

he was dubbed the head of the cabal, by his fellow politicians those who seems not to condone or tolerate his sudden control of events limited to the function in which he was elected to perform.

Abba kyari

It is still an Amazing thing and a show of craziness that a old man whose office is limited to embark on a journey of an international issues to resolve power issue in Germany, without solid reasons as to why minister of power or minister of foreign affairs were not assigned with such a task.

Abba Kyari had to do that him self, because he thinks of himself as the president, guess that is why he had to travel to Germany for the said mission amidst the news of the corona-virus having been announced in Europe.

With little or no speculation as to why he died and what he died from, one would know he died from Folly and corona-virus, and the majority of Nigerians are happy. May his soul rest in Peace!

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