Abba Kyari Void President's Order to sack Nigerian Ambassadors.

The late Chief of staff Void President Buhari's Order to Disengage Permanently Nigerian Ambassadors.

Abba Kyari

Since 2018 Some Retired personnel representing Nigeria in several nations Have refused to vacate their seats, collecting millions of dollars as opposed to Rules and Regulations guiding the commission.

It is something worth recalling that president Buhari during the breathing days of Abba Kyari, ordered for the permanent removal of the retired Ambassadors only for Abba Kayri to void the Order.

Theinfopedia gathered that nothing less than 25 career Ambassadors retired from service as at June 2019, are still consuming millions of Dollars Unlawfully.

Morocco, Cameroon, Cuba, Austria, Kenya, Belgium, Mali, Indonesia, Philippines, Senegal, Hungary, Czech Republic are some of the Countries in which the Retired Ambassadors have been Retained.

Theinfopedia in their research understood that while Ambassadors at the Nigerian headquarters who were due to retirement, retired and was disengaged properly, while their retired colleagues  in foreign countries most of whom are in their 60's and with more than 35years of service refused disengagement, selfishly and luxuriously living in the countries on taxpayers Money.

Theinfopedia learnt from SaharaRepoters that in December 2018, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama informed  President Buhari of the in-explainable retainment of over 20 Retired ambassadors.

Onyema's Letter(image: rights: SaharaRepoters)

The source read as follow, “The President agreed with the minister and directed him to recall the retirees immediately in public interest. He further directed him to submit a proposed list of replacements, from deserving career officers.

The source informed Theinfopedia that the minister sent a letter to the Retired ambassadors, Ordered them to vacate their offices and hand over to most senior officer in their respective missions.

Copies of the letters were obtained by Our source one of the letters carried the heading “Letter of recall on account of retirement” was issued by the former minister to Mr. Sidi Abdullahi Ladan at the Nigerian in Tunisia with date December 2018.

Letter sent to overseas(image: rights: SaharaRepoters)

Another reminder, was directed to to the Overseas Communication Department on  February 2, 2019. The former minister ordered the immediate disengagement of the Retired Ambassador.

Furthermore our source informed us as thus “Few days after this action, Onyeama was summoned to the villa by Abba Kyari where along with Amb. AR Abubakar, they dressed him down and directed him to reverse the directive given by the President.

“In compliance with the order from the power brokers, the minister withdrew the recall and asked the retired ambassadors to remain at their posts illegally, against public interest and presidential directive. This action was brought to the attention of the President, but he did not do anything.”

The Ambassador were Retained against public interest, against the ethics, rules and regulations guiding the commission and against the Goodwill of Nigerians all because of the cruelty of Abba Kayri, a man who is just a A chief of staff to the President.

We wait to see what will be the faith of the retired Ambassadors sitting luxurious on the taxpayers money as we expect the appointment of Chief of staff to The president a replacement to Abba Kyari.

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