Woman killed by Nigerian policeman, forces son to delete post on Twitter!

In terrible twisted turn of event at a police check point in PortHarcourt, Rivers State a woman died without mercy in front of her child.

Ben Peterside

Ben peterside whose mother was left to die narrated the crazy event said he drove his mum who was suffering from a 20 year hypertension through the city for immediate treatment in a hospital, when the wicked attitude of the policeman took the life of his mother, in a bid to extort  a N20,000 bribe as a way of Enforcing Covid-19 Lockdown in the State.

In his words, peterben Side Cried out as thus

“I am in pains right now. I have now become an orphan all because of this lockdown.

Peterside's tweet

"My mother would not have died if we had arrived at the hospital early enough. I even offered to make a transfer, these officers refused, they said they will be traced, they need cash.

“So after pleading with them for over an hour, these heartless officers refused us to move.

"They made me sit down and watch my mom pass away before my eyes. I doubt if I will ever be normal again after this. I hate this country.”

Not more than few minutes after he tweet the event, we discovered it was deleted and had his Twitter account deactivated, Naijapoli learnt that he was under severe pressure from Nigerian Police Force to delete the post and told not to speak about it.

The Nigeria police force have been notoriously killing it's citizens during this Covid-19 era. In some states, they have killed more people than the Covid-19 pandemic have killed.

The Nigerian police force was supposedly a body instituted to protect life and ensure rules and regulations are adhered to is now a treat to Nigerian Citizens.

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