Suicide: Actor Hagen Mills found died in a Suicide/Murder Attempt

Actor Hagen Mills was reported to have killed himself after wounding his young daughter's mother.

Actor Hagen Mills

Mayfield Police Department of the United states, Kentucky said there were alerted through phone call on the evening of Tuesday, and were met by Erica Price outside the home.

Actor Hagen Mills was 29 years Old and has a daughter with Erica Price daughter.

Erica Price the mother of Actor Hagen Mills was at home when the incident happened, but wasn't injured.

Actor Hagen Mills spouse was shot in her arm and in her heart, she told officers that while in the house Mills shot her and was still in the house.

Police said they could not under Hagen Mills Action but assured us that they are treating the incident as a murder/suicide case.

Mills was officially known as an actor when he appeared in the first episode of Baskets, a comedy which also starred Zach Galifianakis in 2016.

On his IMDB page, Hagen Mills also appeared in 2013 crime film Bonnie & Clyde: Justified, Mills also played a supporting role in the horror film Starlight, which was announced to be released in August.

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