Many a times we tend to attach the tag "American" and "English" to any notable or popular person in the entertainment industry, drake along side other popular artist are actually not Americans.


Drake source | Infolegal

Aubrey Drake Graham is a rapper from Canada. Recognized for leading the front line of Canadian music invasion in America.

Drake have won so many awards in his music career, reportedly to have won 175 awards from 636 nominations, probably in the  peak of his career. Many at times concern have been raised about his ethnicity and background, often we have noticed how he often voices out displeasure in the treatment of blacks in american, thus suggesting that drake is a black. contrary to the complexion of his skin.

In 2019 irritated by the killing of 37-year-old Alton Sterling by Baton Rouge police officers, Drake frowned at the ugly incident and raising more supports for blacks being marginalized in America.

Furthermore his father was a Black american man.


Chris Brown source | Infolegal

Not your favorite Music Artist, well  i know but we love him, rose to fame in 1998 with a single music track  "Run It!" peaking at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, he has sold up 150 million records worldwide, but no Grammy, painted by the media as a violent person after the incident he had with his ex girlfriend Rihanna.

Born into an Anglo-African home, Chris Brown have been with blacks more than he had been with whites.

Concerns might not have been raised about his ethnicity or race, whether he is black or not, Various events in his life suggest he is black; in 2011 brown started dating Rihanna who is also a black, in 2012 Chris Brown also dated model Karrueche Tran who is also a black-American, Nia guzman a black-American aspiring model also had a child for Chris Bown.


Deli Ali

Dele Ali is a professional English player, plying his football game in Tottenham football club, though fair in complexion, Dele Ali Ethnicity is black.

Bamidele Jermaine Alli  was born to a Nigerian parent, from a Yoruba  group of people in West part of Nigeria, his mother a Danish descent raised him in Buckinghamshire, England. He has never associated or disassociated himself from African community or friends, but he never for stated that he was a Nigerian.

Ali was amongst several celebrities who voiced out their anger and disappointed about the death of George Floyd in cold hands of Minnesota police, join the #blacklivesmatter campaign.


Tony montana

French Montana, if no one ever said this to you, you wouldn't have known, signed to Puff daddy Bad boys Records, done some major collaboration with top artist like Chris brown, fat joe, meek mill.

French Montana whose real name is Karim Kharbouch was born in Morocco to a mixed color Moroccan couples, Montana stated he migrated to America from Morocco in search of a greener pastures. Guess he found it.



Rihanna an alluring pop star, popular for so many hit singles and album, such as umbrella, please don't stop the music, diamonds. 

Rihanna have stated herself she is from barbados, born into a mixed color family. She said her dad was mixed color either a combination of black and white, and her was a bkack from a Kenyan descent.

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