A Real Life Experience of 23 year Old drop out.

I am student that has been a victim of career prospect. Over the years, i wrote jamb 8 times until i gave up.

I wanted to study medicine or pharmacy but i was unlucky. My 3rd jamb gave me admission but i had to do the course so that i wont sit at home for another year. Eventually I dropped out in my 5th year after uncountable obstacles and troubles.

SenhorSean (avatar)

My grades were poor such that I couldnt even bring myself to calculate my GP. I gave up after it began to look like a waste of time. I had other plans. I was very hopeful that its not the end.

Now all those years felt like a waste of time. I'm disappointed it ended after i had people who got my back, giving me high hopes.

I admit all the blames but it wasnt all my fault.
I ddnt see it as a very bad thing...tho i feel depressed most of the time but i just need to move on.

There is much that i havent said yet. This should be an introduction since its my first post.

I'l continue later... I have to be on my way.

My fav quote:
'We know what we are but know not what we may be'

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