Sammy Guevara Suspended by AEW after ‘rape’ Sasha Banks video clip emerges.

A clip recorded in the past emerges, showing reigning AEW star Sammy Guevara saying he would "rape" Sasha Banks.

Sasha Banks

“Raw’s 4th Hour” podcast, was when the comments was made, however it was digged out because of the current wirl wind of sexual misconduct allegations going on in the professional wrestling industry.

In the video clip, Guevara said he had seen Sasha in an event hosted by WWE in Texas, Guevara stated he was there in case there was a need for an extra segment.

“Bro, Sasha Banks, oh my God. When I was at the WWE the other week, I wanted to just go f–king rape that woman,” says Guevara in the Video Clip.

Guevara have been suspended indefinitely by AEW on Monday.
Wether or not he will continue as a professional wrestler with the company is not known yet, But his future with the company will be re-evaluated after “extensive sensitivity training.”

Sammy Guevara

“I’ve made stupid, inappropriate and extremely offensive comments in my past,” Guevara tweets before the suspension was revealed.

 “In my idiotic mind, I thought I was being funny in using words and terms that represent nothing but horror and pain. I am truly sorry for my hurtful words and actions, and I will never forgive myself.”

Sasha Banks whose real name is Mercedes Varnado, said on Monday that Guevara apologized during a conversation the two had.

Several sexual misconduct revelations in the wrestling industry have been made through the #SpeakingOut hashtag on Twitter, highlighting how women and rape victims have been cajoled.

This will serve as a warning to those who seem to make a joke about rape victims by the careless use of the word "Rape".

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